Vocal Exercises


Appcompanist now includes over 850 Vocal Exercises - Vaccai, Concone, Marchesi, Garcia and more. You control tempo, key, direction, and melody blend to create an almost endless variety of vocal exercises. These are all part of the free version.


All Vocal Exercises can be found in Playlists -> All Vocal Exercises. Vocal Exercises do not appear in the regular library list and cannot be searched for with the library search controls. Tap any Vocal Exercise title in the Vocal Exercises Playlist to play that exercise. 


Appcompanist playback controls including Transposition, Melody Blend, Tempo Slider functions, and Fermata can be used on vocal exercises to create an almost unlimited variety of warm ups and exercises. Sheet music for the Marchesi, Vaccai, Garcia, and Concone exercises is in the public domain and can be found on IMSLP and other sites, or books can be ordered from any sheet music retailer. Some exercises are meant to be sung through one time as written while others are meant to be repeated moving up or down the scale. 


An Up/Down arrow icon will appear between the Key Signature icon and the Melody On/Off icon for any exercise that is meant to be repeated in an ascending or descending pattern. The black arrow indicates which direction the repeated exercise will continue to move until changed. The default starting direction is up. Tap the white Up or Down Arrow any time during play to change direction of the next iteration of the exercise and all following iterations until changed again. If you want to repeat the exercise in the same key, tap the black arrow, (whichever direction that is at the time) which will turn white, and the exercise will repeat without transposing as long as both arrows appear white.  Tap either arrow again to choose a direction.  The black arrow now indicates the direction in which the exercise will repeat.


At any time, to reset all of the Exercise Settings back to their originally recorded settings  (melody, tempo, key, etc.), simply tap the small Three Dot icon (…) in the bottom right of the Play Screen and tap Reset Vocal Exercise. Vocal Exercises can also be added to playlists and or shared with other Appcompanist Subscribers using the (…) menu. 

Top 50 Vocal Exercises


Appcompanist also comes with a Top 50 Vocal Exercises playlist. We chose 50 of the most useful exercises so you can get started with warming up right away. The sheet music for all of these Top 50 exercises is available for download here.