A button at the top center of the Library List lets you sort the list at any time by Genre, Language, Voice Type, Composer, Greater Work (Opera, Song Cycle, Show, etc.), Title, or New.  Headers will appear in the Library List according to the Sort criteria you’ve chosen. Only the Title and New sorts don’t contain headers as they display all titles in alphabetical order. If you select “New” a list of all titles in the library will appear, starting with an alphabetical listing of titles added within the last 30 days, followed by an alphabetical list of titles in the library for more than 30 days. In Genre, Language, Voice Type, Composer, and Greater Work, you can open and close headers to view the lists of titles in a more organized fashion. To see the list of titles beneath any header, tap the triangle to the right of the header name. Using a combination of Filters and Sort, you can organize the display the library in almost any configuration best suits you.