Pick Six Monthly - a low-cost subscription option that provides full app functionality with a limited set of repertoire.

Appcompanist now offers a low-cost subscription option that provides full app functionality with a limited set of repertoire.


Note: Pick Six is currently only available for iOS


It’s called the Pick Six Monthly Subscription and it’s perfect for students and beginners who need quality, flexible accompaniment 24/7 but only for a limited number of pieces.


How it Works

Download the free Appcompanist app.

(Appcompanist free version now comes pre-loaded with ten full-length accompaniments, so you can explore all the powerful playback features, sing, and rehearse with total control.)


Subscribe to Pick Six Monthly for only $3.99/month

Pick any 6 songs from the Appcompanist Complete Collection to add to your monthly playlist. You can hear a 30 second sample of any song before choosing to add it to your playlist to make sure you have the right piece. 


You will have unlimited access to your 6 chosen songs during your monthly term. You may change any or all of your selections at the beginning of each new monthly term.


When a new monthly term begins, the songs you picked last month are still in your playlist and are shown in Light Grey. You can choose to re-select any of them for this month by tapping on the title and confirming that you want to “Add Song.” You can also remove titles by tapping and choosing “Remove From Playlist” or by using the standard playlist “Edit” controls. 


As you choose titles for the current month, either from last month’s playlist, or by searching the Appcompanist Library, these new chosen titles will appear in Black in your Pick Six Playlist. Titles in Black are titles you have chosen for this monthly period. These cannot be removed until your monthly subscription renews again. 


You will only have access to a maximum of 6 titles during any one monthly billing period. The app has helpful alerts that will guide you through the process of keeping, removing, or adding new songs to your Pick Six Playlist each month.


You can choose to upgrade at any time from the Pick Six Monthly Subscription to one of the Unlimited Subscriptions if you find yourself in need of more repertoire. There are monthly and annual subscriptions that give subscribers unlimited access to thousands of titles in the Musical Theater Library, the Classical Vocal Library, or the Complete Collection. And the libraries grow every month with great new repertoire suggested by our existing subscribers or contributed by top-level coach accompanists from around the world.


A recent note from a NATS voice teacher on the new Pick Six Monthly Subscription 


As a teacher, I really make use of the vast library offered by Appcompanist, so the $14.99 for the Complete Collection is a no-brainer for me. However, it’s wonderful to have a low cost option for my students who are really only working on five or six pieces at a time! It’s important to me that they not practice with static recordings, so I love the control the app gives them. But I’m definitely more comfortable recommending it to them at $3.99/month than at $10 or $15. Then, if they want to spend more for the unlimited, that’s up to them.