Press and hold the fermata button any time during play in order to facilitate musical pauses, cadenzas, recitatives, or other times in which a musical fermata would be indicated for the accompanist. The piece will not progress while you are holding the button down. If pressed during a chord or note, that chord or note will ring until the fermata button is released or until it naturally decays as it would with a live accompanist. The next musical chord or note in the accompaniment will play immediately when the fermata button is released, no matter how long it is held.

The Fermata button also provides you additional control and accuracy for those songs in which you are meant to begin singing prior to or simultaneously with the accompaniment, or when you have stopped singing and want to be able to accurately enter at a specific spot with the accompaniment. Any time the piece is stopped, including the beginning, you can press and hold the Fermata Button rather than the “Play/Pause” button. You can now take your breath or sing your pickup notes and bring the very next note or chord of the accompaniment in, in tempo, the moment you release the button.