Countdown Timer

You can choose to set a countdown timer at anytime that will add a delay of up to 60 seconds between when you tap the Play button and when the accompaniment begins playing. To set a Countdown Timer, tap the small three dots icon at the bottom right of the Player screen and select “Set Countdown Timer.” Choose the delay you want from the picker wheel and tap “Select.” This is a global setting, meaning that if you set a countdown timer on one exercise or accompaniment, it will be applied to every accompaniment or exercise you open until you change the setting. You can always change the countdown timer or set it back to 0 to remove the countdown. You can also leave your Countdown Timer in place, but skip through it to begin playing immediately by either tapping, holding, and releasing the play arrow or using the Fermata Start. The play delay will be active only at the beginning of a piece; at any marker; or wherever you are on the song position slider when you first set the timer (1x only).